Why The Heated Razor By GilletteLabs Provides The Ultimate Shaving Experience

Presented by the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs

Looking to take your shaving game to the next level? In search of that perfect, smooth cheek skin?

Well then, standard razors, no matter how many blades they have, just won’t cut it any more.

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It’s time for something better, something that elevates the grooming experience to the next level. I’m talking about the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs, which uses advanced technology to bring the pleasure and comfort of a hot towel shave to every stroke of the blade.

We recently got a chance to try it out. It blew us away after a couple shaves. The Heated Razor sold out in just five days on Indiegogo.

That result speaks for itself.

No matter how often you shave or how thick your face moss gets, the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs helps guys groom at their best, transforming the shaving experience from a tiresome and dreaded chore, into a refreshing way to start your day and look your sharpest … and … dapperest?


With the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs, shaving is no longer a total drag.

Au contraire … in fact, the experience of a hot towel can elevate your shaving routine.

Every. Single. Day.

Whether you know it or not, heat has an extensive history in personal care. Hot towel applications in shaving date back to the days of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, when noblemen had in-house barbers.

The Heated Razor by Gillette Labs, the world’s first heated razor, makes the experience of a hot towel shave — something that only a few are able to indulge in once in a while — accessible to guys every morning.



Heat and warmth are constant variables in the search for a better shave, and the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs uses its warming bar to send a soothing heat directly to the skin, creating the experience of a hot towel shave.

It’s literally the epitome of the shaving experience, creating a sensation that is both indulgent and deliberate. You may never want another razor ever again.

See, the search for the perfect shave is an ongoing quest. And while many have tried to create a heated razor before, none have succeeded … until now.

The Heated Razor by GilletteLabs is exactly the type of product that men want in their bathroom. It’s a high-tech product that solves a grooming need, doing so in a luxurious manner.

Most important, though, is that warm feeling that delivers the hot towel shaving experience. It’s a revolutionary breakthrough in shaving.



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