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Honest Good Chop Review: Why This Meat Delivery Service Is The Real Deal

Honest Good Chop Review: Why This Meat Delivery Service Is The Real Deal

When it comes to food, let’s just say my talents lie in eating rather than cooking. But cut me some slack, I only moved into my own place this year so it’s a work in progress.

It’s only after so many frozen microwavable meals that I’m finally taking steps forward to improve my culinary skills. But having spent countless hours in the meat aisle of the grocery store without a clue of what to buy, I needed some help in taking my culinary skills to the next level.

That’s why I turned to Good Chop. It’s a delivery service that ships All-American meat and seafood with no antibiotics or added hormones, straight to your door every four weeks. With 47 high-quality beef, pork, chicken, and seafood cuts to pick from, you can build your own fully customized box with just a couple of taps on your phone.

But beyond the responsibly raised meat and sustainably sourced seafood, what truly shines about Good Chop is the value. With two plans to pick from (up to 14 lbs or 28 lbs), you’re receiving an unreal amount of high-quality meat every month at an affordable price.

Better yet, if you sign up now, you can get $100 off throughout your first 3 boxes!


Good Chop Review

With my fridge empty and my culinary skills in desperate need of improving, I tried out Good Chop for myself. Here’s how my full experience went:

Picking My Plan

Upon signing up for Good Chop, the first decision you’ll have to make is which size box you’ll be ordering—Medium or Large.

Personally, I went for the medium option with 6 cuts, which Good Chop recommends for individuals and small families. But if you’re looking to feed more than three mouths, the Large Box is your best bet with double the amount of meat.

Good Chop cut selections

Once your box size is selected, the fun part begins—selecting your cuts. And let me say it again, you get a whopping amount of meat with your box. In just my medium box, I got 2 boneless ribeye steaks, 2 New York strip steaks, 1 porterhouse steak, 2 bone-in pork ribeyes, 3 lbs of chicken wings, and 4.5 lbs of chicken drumsticks for a total of 14 pounds of meat.

Whichever box you decide on, Good Chop delivers every 4 weeks on the date of your choosing. So with my plan picked and cuts selected, I set my delivery date for one week out and relaxed.

My Good Chop Box Arrives

One week later, just like I scheduled it, I got a message from my apartment complex notifying me that my Good Chop box had arrived.

Good Chop box

With no previous experience ordering meat online, I had some concerns about the conditions my meat would arrive in. Thankfully, Good Chop did not disappoint. They vacuum-seal and flash freeze your selections at peak freshness, so they’ll stay fresh in the freezer for up to 1 year.

Good Chop insulated box

Good Chop also delivers your order in an eco-friendly insulated box to keep your selections fresh and safe. So upon opening up my box, I was delighted to be greeted by ice cold, still frozen cuts. From there, I tossed a few cuts into the fridge to defrost and the rest in the freezer to save for later.


With some buddies visiting over the past weekend, it was the perfect time to fire up the grill and taste Good Chop’s steaks for ourselves. Seasoning half the steaks with salt and pepper and the other half with a Japanese garlic sauce, things were looking mighty delicious and the grill was just getting hot.

Good Chop Steak prep

Once the crosshatch grill marks were seared into the steaks, it was time to figure out whether they tasted as good as they looked. The verdict?

Absolutely, if not even better.

I was barely able to snap some pics before my friends had cleaned the plate.

My personal favorite had to be the boneless ribeye steaks. It was grilled to perfection, which came as quite the surprise and is probably why I gravitated towards it more. The meat was tender with each bite offering an explosion of juices. Need I say more?

Good Chop ribeye and new york strip

As for the New York strip steaks, I was pleasantly surprised. Usually, I’m not a fan. It’s just something about the consistency of the fat in those steaks that doesn’t sit well with me. But that was far from the case with Good Chop. While I may have overcooked them a bit, the fat cap was perfect. Not too much where it overpowers the steak, but not too little where it lacks the flavor.

Good Chop porterhouse steak

Rounding out the steaks from my Good Chop box was the king of steaks—the porterhouse. Combining the best of both worlds with a strip and a tenderloin in one, the porterhouse steak did not disappoint. It was definitely the most tender of the three cuts, seemingly melting in your mouth with flavor.

Look, I’m not claiming to be a steak connoisseur or to have the world’s best palette, but I could taste the difference in quality with Good Chop’s cuts. And it certainly got my friend, who is a steakhouse frequenter, questioning his loyalty. And that’s completely understandable when you’ve got Good Chop delivering high-quality meat for such a value.

Chicken Wings & Drumsticks

After giving my stomach a few days to digest all the steak, I was ready to tackle the chicken—all 7.5 pounds of it. Well, not actually, I’ve still got some in the freezer for next weekend. But with so many wings and drumsticks at my disposal, I decided that I’d try some things out.

Air Fried Chicken Wings

First up: Some crispy air fryer chicken wings.

Just a simple mix of seasonings with some flour and corn starch and now I’ve got my go-to game-time meal. Crispy, juicy, and they certainly don’t skimp out on the meat. And to spice things up, I doused a few of the wings in buffalo sauce. All in all, I was satisfied.

Good Chop - chicken

And since Good Chop delivered an unreal amount of chicken, I was able to add some variation to my menu. This time I went freestyle, opting to grill the remaining wings and drumsticks with an Asian spice glaze and pineapple.

Not only generous in size, but the drumsticks also offered a hint of sweetness from the pineapple that hit the spot perfectly. Plus, these wings were a perfect complement to the spicy buffalo wings.

Once again, Good Chop had thoroughly impressed me.

Bone-In Pork Ribeyes

Good Chop bone in pork ribeyes

Aside from some wings in my freezer, the bone in pork ribeyes was the only remaining item from my order. While Good Chop suggests grilling or pan searing these chops, I was feeling myself after the drumsticks and decided to bake them instead. Mixing in pineapple juice with that same Asian spice glaze, the results were immaculate.

Served with green beans and mashed potatoes, I finally had a dinner my mom would be proud of.

Bone In Pork Ribeye Dinner


If you’re in search of high-quality American meats, Good Chop is definitely worth a try.

Sourced exclusively from American family farms and fisheries with no added hormones or antibiotics, Good Chop cuts are the real deal when it comes to quality. And that’s quality I could genuinely taste in each bite.

But before I was even firing up the grill or biting into my delicious cuts, Good Chop had already made it easy for me and my wallet to get these quality proteins delivered. Plus, there’s the added bonus of supporting American businesses with your purchase.

Even for a novice in the kitchen like me, it’s not hard to see the value in Good Chop. Remember, it’s not just a great value for high-quality meat, it’s a great value for a whole lot of high-quality meat. So whether you’re craving chicken, steak, pork, or even seafood, Good Chop has 47 cuts to pick from and build your own fully customized box.

Sign up now and get $100 off throughout your first 3 boxes…


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