Google Co-Founder-Backed Kitty Hawk Company Unveils Cora, An Electric Autonomous Flying Taxi

by 9 months ago
kitty hawk air taxi

Kitty Hawk

Last week, we discovered the PAL-V Liberty Sport And Pioneer, the world’s first production-ready flying cars. Now we check out the Cora, an electric autonomous flying taxi. This flying vehicle is created by Kitty Hawk, a company backed by Google co-founder Larry Page and Sebastian Thrun, “the godfather of self-driving cars.”

The Kitty Hawk Cora is not an airplane, but also not exactly a helicopter. The aircraft has wings like a plane, but it also has 12 small propellers on the wings and one large rotor in the rear for propulsion. This means that the Cora can liftoff vertically and does not need a runway. The propellers work independently so if one fails, they others can pick up the slack. The plane has a 36-foot-long wingspan.

The Cora is electric, meaning that it emits zero emissions and is quiet. The Cora can travel at over 93 mph, and has a range of around 62 miles on a single charge. The vehicle can seat two passengers and has a parachute in case things go south.

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