Here’s How The $1.7 Million Bugatti Veyron Gets Made From Start To Finish

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how Bugatti Veyron gets made

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The Bugatti Veyron carries a sticker tag of around $1.7 million which gets jacked up a lot on the secondary market because only 450 of these rare supercars will ever get made. The Veyron is scary fast, and it only needs 119 feet to get up to 60mph in 2.4 seconds. The Bugatti Veyron pumps out 1200 HP at 6400 RPMs and has a top seed of 255 MPH which makes it one of the fastest vehicles ever built.

But how does the special sauce get made? Business Insider was able to pull this clip from the Science Channel’s How It’s Made which shows how the Bugatti Veyron comes together on the assembly line, and there’s a lot more hands-on work than you might expect.

Here’s a transcript of that video via Business Insider if you’d rather read than watch a video:

Here, a technician unites the transmission with the engine and carefully bolts them together with a handheld ratchet. The mechanical components of the car’s rear section have all been assembled. Technicians push the back end along a track to meet the front. The track sits below the floor and is covered by metal plates that open and close around the trolly feet as they move. The workers join the two sections with just 14 titanium bolts. Once again, they use handheld ratchets rather than power tools.
The powerful mechanics of the Veyron have been assembled, but a Bugatti is not a Bugatti without its sculpted exterior. To bring the Veyron to its artful conclusion, technicians wear white gloves so as not to mar the surface with fingerprints. They install each component with the same care and precision used throughout. But before reaching this stage, an expert tests the car’s systems at this rolling-test station. These components are part of the rear-wing assembly. At high speeds, the rear wing extends and provides massive downward force to keep the car firmly on the ground. And when the driver breaks, it immediately flips to a vertical position, adding the braking power of a hatchback to the car’s powerful ceramic disks.
Here, a specialist prepares the car for its final inspection. The car will spend two entire days at this station as he painstakingly buffs and polishes the car to shining perfection. He must ensure that every centimeter of the surface is absolutely flawless. (via)

The factory which used to make the Bugatti Veyron now produces the Chiron. The Veyron was in production from 2005-2015 and in that time only 450 cars were made. But I guess when you’re selling each vehicle for millions of dollars you can get by with making only 45 cars a year.

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