How To Tie A Tie In 30 Different Ways You’ve Never Seen Before

How To Tie A Tie
Shirts My Way

Every man should know how to tie a tie. It’s as important as owning the right shoes or knowing how to match colors without looking like a box of crayons.

How to tie a tie is simple, but, kind of boring. The traditional knots are for dads and bros on their first day on the job. It’s not just important to know how to tie a tie but to know how to tie a tie in creative ways.

Shirts My Way has put together an impressive list of thirty spectacular ways to tie a tie. There are styles like the Eldredge, the Fishbone, the Ellie and the Balthus and twenty-six other variations you’ve probably never heard of in your life. Each style comes with a handy instructional video, for visual leaners, and is broken down into four key elements — aesthetics, symmetry, difficulty, and knot size.

HOW TO TIE A TIE — The Linwood Taurus Knot

Here’s the video for the elephant-looking but awesome Linwood Taurus knot.

You probably already know how to tie a tie. Now learn how to tie a tie that will make you stand out.

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