The Drinking Jacket Is The Perfect Attire For Any Event That Involves Drinking Which Is EVERY Event



We’ve already seen what a jacket infused with the smell of a glass of
Johnnie Walker Black Label looks like, but that’s an item that values style over function. Zane Lamprey‘s the Drinking Jacket, however, takes the opposite approach, and the result will make you wish you drank enough to warrant buying one. 

Lamprey’s the host of the National Geographic Channel show Chug, which sees our conosieur-of-getting-wasted traveling the world to find the most exotic drinks. He’s created a few products in the past to support all of our drinking habits, such as the Pleepleus Drinkmaster Watch, the Pleepleus Cooler and the Drinking Made Easy Bottleopener Cap. But as he says in his Kickstarter campaign, “I wanted a hoodie that worked for me, and since my job title is professional drinker, I created a hoodie that would help me with my job.”

The Drinking Jacket is truly astounding. It comes with a zipper that doubles as a bottle opener, a pocket that’s also a doozie, concealable mitts that’ll keep your hands warm and the drink you’re holding cold, a pocket for your flask and even a sunglasses holder. And it’s not the worst looking thing in the world, either. The only issue is mustering up the courage to wear this at a bar or around your friends because doing so will reveal you to be a borderline alcoholic.

Over the course of its Kickstarter campaign, Lamprey has accumulated 4,974 backers and a grand total of $574,630 in donations. That’s nine times more than his minimum goal. We knew the holidays brought out everyone’s inner drinkers, but damn!

The Kickstarter campaign is now closed, so unfortunately you won’t be able to snag one in time for the holidays if you haven’t already backed it. But Lamprey also features his products on his online store. Pocket beer koozies for all!

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