Johnnie Walker-Scented Jackets Will Finally Give Bros That ‘Always Smells Drunk’ Effect They’ve Been After For Decades

If you enjoy the odor that quaffs off of your clothing after throwing back shots of Johnnie Walker all night with your bros…well, first, you’re kinda weird. But second, you no longer have to accidentally spill your drink all over your new jacket in a whiskey haze to achieve this aroma.

You can just buy this jacket that already wreaks of whiskey.

Harris Tweed Hebrides, an award-winning company that produces Harris Tweed fabric, has partnered with Heriot Watt University’s School of Textiles and Johnnie Walker Black Label to create a jacket that smells like Johnnie Walker. They call the aroma “Aqua Alba,” but it’s really more like “Irish Pub.”

This new “smart fabric” attempts to replicate the smell of a glass of whiskey. According to the folks at Johnnie Walker, that means “rich malt, golden vanilla, red fruit and dark chocolate tones.” Apparently, it’s a pretty subtle smell, so your girlfriend won’t be pissed when you arrive to meet your parents smelling of alcohol…hopefully.

So far, the jacket is the first in a new line of products, which are only available in Germany, Greece and Belgium. But just give it time. Soon every bro will have an entire closet that stinks of Johnnie Walker. On purpose.

H/T HypeBeast

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