4 Ways To Pull Off Wearing Sweatpants To Work

If tailored sweatpants are the sign of the apocalypse, then we are all done for. Once used for lounging around on your couch as you binge-play Call of Duty and Doritos crumbs litter your matching hoodie, god’s gift to bro kind has come a long way.

As more designers and brands come up with their own versions of the tailored sweatpant, gents are wearing them in more environments, like going on errands, going to the movies, and even…to work? Yes, it’s not impossible to wear sweats to the workplace, especially if your office partakes in casual Friday. Just keep these tips in mind and you’ll be good to go.

Grab The The Ones That Look Like Pants

“Wears like sweats, looks like pants.” This is how J.Crew describes its line of tailored sweatpants for men, and it will soon become your favorite mantra, as well. And trust us, these types of sweatpants exist. The preppy brand has an incredible pair called “The Twill Un-Sweatpant.” It’s a cotton-poly blend with a touch of stretch. And the best part is that, from a distance, they look like chinos or linen pants. It’s like hiding the enemy in plain sight.

Wear Them Like Jeans

We’ve all been wearing jeans so often that they’re basically part of our permanent uniform, but maybe we should start swapping them out for sweats. Why not, right? Sweats are so friggin comfortable. It also doesn’t take much to make them look cool if you treat them as denim. Your Converse sneaks and a cool, fitted T-shirt go just as well with slimmer sweats as they do with jeans.

You Can Actually ‘Dress Up’ Your Sweats

With the right blazer and button-down shirt, you can make your sweatpants look like a pair of work-ready trousers. The folks at GQ are pairing theirs with everything from chambray and denim shirts to tweed blazers to Henleys to varsity and leather jackets. It looks cool, in a very odd and unexpected sort of way. Thankfully, we’re entering cold-weather season, which will work in your favor as you start packin’ on the layers.

Don’t Forget the Keyword Here: ‘Tailored’

To be clear, if you wear some baggy-ass sweats with a blazer, you’re gonna look like a sloppy mess. The whole point of tailored sweatpants is for them to hug your body, thereby creating the illusion that they’re anything other than your lounge-around pants. You wanna look cool, don’t you? The more fitted the better. That’s how all the kids are wearing them these days.

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