5 Reasons A Onesie For Bros Might Not Be Such A Dumb Idea

You remember Rob Kardashian, right? After some time being a reclusive hermit attempting to deal with the fact that, yes, he’s still a part of the Kardashian family, he’s emerged back into the spotlight with something…well, unexpected: a line of “fashion onesies.” This is the guy, after all, who wore a sweatsuit to a business meeting.

We imagine Kardashian in one of these puppies while binge-eating ice cream and binge-watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians trying to figure out where he went wrong in life, when he came up with this brilliant idea. All initial signs suggest an adult onesie will fall flat, especially since just the sound of it brings to mind some sexual fetish gone awry. But the dreamer in us wants to believe that this is the new way of life, where we don’t have to bother with the concept of outfits and can suit up in just one piece of clothing.

If you’re on the fence about this fashion faux pa in the making, let us convince you. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds.

1. They Look Like the Most Comfortable Things On The Planet

They may not be Snuggies, but these adult onesies are what wrapping oneself in a cloud of cotton looks like. Mama Kardashian, Kris Jenner, previewed her son’s creation on Instagram, one with a generous amount of stars, and it looks like we have the ultimate form of loungewear on our hands. They’re like sweatpants but for your whole body, and how comfortable are sweats, amirite?

2. This Is How You Get Away With Wearing Pajamas Outside Of The House

Imagine you’re in PJs trying to make a pot of coffee on Saturday morning when your girlfriend asks you to run out and grab her some Coconut Water to help ease her hangover. You’re sure as hell are not getting fully dressed, but are you cool enough wearing sweats out of the house? Perhaps, but if you wear a onesie with a pair of sneaks and a hoodie, the hipsters of your neighborhood will bow to your creativity. But while they think you’re wearing them as some grand ironic gesture, the jokes on them ‘cause this onesie is comfy as fuck!

3. Getting Dressed Has Never Been Easier

Rob Kardashian is definitely thinking of functionality here. No longer must we pick shirt-and-pant combos that appropriately complement each other! No longer must we waste 15 seconds of our day getting dressed when we can only waste 10 seconds! It’s a stroke of genius (or perhaps just a stroke). Either way, what’s more appealing than changing out of your PJs into other, more wearable PJs?

4. It’s Not the Hardest Thing To Camouflage 

If you really want to wear one of these babies outside — you know, in public — but don’t want the whole world to know how lazy you are in getting dressed, we’ve got you covered. There are many different ways to conceal the fact that you may or may not be wearing a onesie, such as pairing it with some cool high-top sneaks and a utility jacket and hit the streets on your skateboard. Or how about throwing on your Timbalands and heading out to chop with your red buffalo-plaid jacket? Did someone say, lumbersexuals?

5. Hey, At Least It’s Not A Damn Man Cape

I mean, just look at these things. A onesie sounds pretty good right now in comparison.

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