Drunk Jenga Is The Drinking Game For Bros Who Aren’t Into Tossing Balls And/Or Dealing Cards



Do you like to play drinking games to pregame and get hammered but aren’t into tossing around balls and/or dealing cards? Well, if you fit that description then Drunk Jenga (aka ‘ICUP Drunken Tower’) is the perfect game for you, my brosef. Drunken Tower comes with 60 wooden blocks, each with a unique drink challenge printed on that block, and it also comes with 4 shot glasses. Think of this as a cross between a Power Hour, where you’re ripping shot-sized sips on the regular, and all the other skill games out there, because there’s some skill that goes into which block you choose each time.

At just sixteen bucks ($16.49) on Amazon, Drunken Tower is for between 2 to 4 players, similar to ‘Cards Against Humanity‘, which is my current favorite drinking game on the market. This game is affordable (truly, every one of you bros can afford to buy this), and it’s a solid alternative to beer pong, flip cup, and all of the other playing card-focused drinking games out there. So, bros, it’s time you pulled the trigger and purchased one TODAY for your house, your apartment, your frat house, or wherever it is that you live.

ICUP Drunken Tower, aka Drunk Jenga: $16.49



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