This Japanese Product Allows You To Trap Criminals In A Net And The Commercial Is FREAKING AMAZING

by 3 years ago

There are funny infomercials and then there’s the infomercial for the Super Talon Ultra Net Launcher, which is basically a firing handle that shoots out what amounts to be a very aggressive volleyball net in order snatch devious criminals; at least momentarily. I suppose that’s better than nothing?

What I do know is I that cannot stop laughing at this commercial.

While the listing on Amazon does not list “catch mean bank robbers” as one of its features, there are many other uses for it other than abruptly trapping mischievous individuals. Here’s what else it can do:

  • Humanely captures birds for later release – will not harm birds.
  • Use in warehouses, food storage areas, big box stores, storage facilities, airports, train stations, aviaries, boat docks, animal clinics, marinas, outdoors and anywhere else that nuisance birds are a problem.
  • Great for pigeons, starlings, crows, geese, swans, doves, feral cats and dogs, coyotes, raccoons, opossums, squirrels or any small wildlife or birds.
  • Heavy duty hand held net launcher is used worldwide by animal control agencies and research scientists.

That’s great, but the Japanese use it to catch all the bad guys. Also, as noted above in bold, I would pay top dollar to see someone shoot one of these things off in an airport or a train station. I’m sure that would go over well.

This sucker can be all yours for just $1,999.99.


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