Your Home Isn’t Complete Without This Truly Amazing Jeff Goldblum Shower Curtain

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Do you ever walk through your house and have the lingering sense that something is missing? Or hop in the shower in the morning and go through your bathing routine feeling like every day is the same? I know how to fix that. I know how to make your life complete: this Jeff Goldblum shower curtain (Buy It Here: $17).

Due to limited supplies, this TRULY FUCKING GLORIOUS Jeff Goldblum shower curtain won’t ship until after Christmas (it’ll ship before New Year’s Eve though). So, if you’re thinking that this might make the perfect Christmas present I certainly agree with you, it would, but it might not arrive in time according to the estimated shipping time on Amazon.

To purchase your glorious Jeff Goldblum shower curtain you just need to follow that ‘Buy Today’ button below and head on over to Amazon, but if you want to complete the ensemble you can also purchase some Jeff Goldblum pillow cases (there are two amazing options), and really feng shui the shit out of your bachelor pad. The pillow cases are only $7, so you truly can afford to pick up both.

Buy Today: $17

If you’ve forgotten how much you love Jeff Goldblum (you do, you really do) and why he’s so amazing then you should watch this supercut of the Top 10 Jeff Goldblum Moments as a reminder of why you need this shower curtain:

Big shout out to Runt of the Web for tracking these Jeff Goldblum items down!

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