Keep Your Cash (And Other Stuff) Safe And Dry With The ‘Key Safe’, A Mini Screwtop Keychain Container

I love the beach. I grew up on an island (Siesta Key), and I haven’t been keeping track but I’m fairly certain that I’ve spent at least 1/5th of my life swimming in the Gulf of Mexico or floating in some other body of water. Other things I love include: having dry cash and not paying for drinks with soaking wet bills, bartenders hate that. And I love keeping other things dry, things that shouldn’t get wet, things that are small.

I’m talking about stuff that can fit inside of the ‘Key Safe’, a badass mini screwtop case that fits right on your keychain. The waterproof design will ensure that your cash, and whatever else it is you’re looking to keep dry while partying at the beach, that all of that stays dry and safe. Here are the details:

Key Safe: Secure Your Small Items on Your Keychain in This Mini Screwtop Container

No more storing random coins and pills in your pocket because you don’t know where else to put them—and potentially losing them. For small items you need to secure, the Key Safe is a simple and easy solution. This miniature stainless steel cylinder latches onto your keychain and unscrews to hold your items, making them retrievable at a moment’s notice.

— Store & secure small items: cash, medications, etc.
— Hang on your keychain to keep your items on you at all times
— Enjoy the stylish, sand-blasted finish
— Keep your items dry w/ waterproof design


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