Cut Into This Amazing Deal On A $30 Keychain Box Cutter

Keychain Box Cutter

A good knife is an indispensable tool. From its invention, a reliable, sharp knife has helped, and even made possible, many professions and daily tasks. Whether you work in an industry that requires a trusty sharp edge, or you can benefit from having a blade you can count on close at hand at home, a good knife is a worthy investment.

But how do you pick a good knife? First off it needs to be well made out of high-quality materials and second, it needs to be sharp, and no blade is sharper than a razor. The RAZOR by Bomber and Company fits the bill; it’s a sleek, durable, and ultra-sharp cutting tool to help you on the job or with everyday tasks at home. Best of all, this crowdfunded blade is currently on sale for only $29.99, or 14 percent off. 

Bomber and Company is on a mission to bring the highest quality products to help the modern go-getter’s lifestyle. The RAZOR is the perfect example of their craft and attention to detail. Five useful tools fit into a package slim enough to slide into your pocket, and it’s constructed of durable, 440c black stainless steel (the king of steel for knife making). This incredible blade features not only a crazy sharp edge, but also includes a flathead screwdriver, a pry bar, a bottle opener, and a hex wrench, all set in a compact form factor that fits easily on your keychain. 

Round out your keychain with a sleek and versatile tool, or deck out your toolbox with some cold, sharp style with the RAZOR from Bomber and Company, now on sale for just $29.99. Know several people who would also benefit from a trusty workhorse blade? You can also pick up a 3-pack for only $79.99 or a 7-pack for $149.99.


Prices subject to change.