This Kim Jong Un Male Romper Is Going Viral And I’ve Never Needed Something More — Only $79.99!


The Great Male Romper trend of 2017 marches on. If you haven’t bought a male romper yet this summer, can you even call yourself a grown ass adult man? No. No you can’t. Male rompers mean you DGAFOS what people think of you and consider yourself the life of any party. You’re a human showpiece, damnit, and no piece of clothing says that more than a romper with the face of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

I’d bong a thousand light domestic beers in that romper. Maybe even 10,000. It’s the ultimate romper for the ultimate day chay. Here at BroBible, we know exactly how you can get your hands on such a ridiculous necessity:, the ultimate source for all your favorite party rompers.


Instead of waiting for your Kickstarter romper to arrive, a new company called is offering WILD new male romper options. There are over 96 new male romper designs on their website, all affordably priced from $79.99 — That’s $20 off!


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