Budweiser Is The King Of Beers, And This Badass Party Tank Is The King Of Tank Tops



When I first came across this Budweiser tank top this morning I felt legitimate remorse at the fact that I didn’t already own this ‘King of Beers’ tank top and that I wasn’t wearing it around town and to work every day. We’re afforded many freedoms in the blogging world that people in Corporate America are not, and one of those freedoms is the ability to wear a party tank to the office if that’s our prerogative. Likewise, for many of you who are in college, self-employed, or have a certain amount of freedom with your work dress code (or lack thereof), this ‘Budweiser: King of Beers’ tank top IS A MUST OWN ACCESSORY.

Before any of you hop in the comments to let everyone know that you drink microbrew beers, wear flannel, and drive a Prius you should know one thing: it’s not about the beer, it’s about the lifestyle. The iconic Budweiser name and label are as American as aBROham Lincoln himself, and that’s something worth respecting. So whether you plan on wearing this Budweiser party tank ($15) to the beach, the lake, to class, or to work my advice to you is this: STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND ORDER YOUR ‘BUDWEISER: KING OF BEERS’ PARTY TANK TODAY!!

Budweiser King Of Beers Red And White Logo Tank Top



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