Coolers Finally Catch Up With Modern Technology With New Kulr

by 4 years ago

Kulr Main

There are some products that just haven’t caught up to modern advances in technology. The cooler is a perfect example. How are we still making ice and pouring it over things in 2016? What are we, partying cavemen?!?!

Thankfully, the creators of Kulr realized that coolers needed an upgrade past just cupholders and built-in bottle openers.

The Kulr is a beautiful beverage cooler designed for style and function. Kulr is a thoughtfully designed, ergonomic beverage cooler that incorporates all the essentials you need to have fun with friends in the great outdoors.

Designed for convenience and ideal for outdoor living, Kulr is easy to grab and go whether you’re headed to beach, the pool or your favorite outdoor gathering. Every inch of this eight-pound cooler is engineered for style and comfort.

It incorporates a removable Bluetooth speaker, charging bank, storage console, removable inner container, bottle opener with LED light and more.

Kulr is still in Kickstarter phase but all of that can change with some “cold” hard cash. See what I did there? Cooler puns.

Kulr Specs

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