Some Guy Made An INSANE Laser Bazooka That Is So Freaking Dangerous It Has To Be Illegal

laser bazooka

YouTube - styropyro

You know those laser pointers that people use for presentations? They are 0.005 watts. The FDA’s limit for how powerful a laser can be that can be sold to a consumer is 0.5 watts.

This guy’s laser bazooka? Yeah, it clocks in at 200 watts. That’s 400 times more powerful than what’s legally allowed to be sold.


In fact, it is so freaking powerful that, as you will see in the video, it can burn through a metal computer tower, a block of wood and several other things in mere seconds.

There’s a reason he’s wearing a special welder’s helmet when he uses it and that’s because it’s a goddamn lethal weapon.

The inventor, Drake Anthony, says he thinks it’s probably the strongest portable laser that’s ever been built by a hobbyist. No kidding, bro.

I want one. Now.

H/T Gizmodo