Lever Gear Toolcard Is 40 Tools In One Slim Card And A Money Clip Just To Show Off

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This little beauty is 40 tools in one (and a money clip just to be showy).

The Lever Gear Toolcard packs 40 tools into a one ounce, credit card-sized multitool. It fits in your wallet, or it can be your wallet. Either way, it’s always with you so you can get things done. Your to-do list won’t stand a chance.

The Toolcard is just 1.5mm thick and slightly smaller than a credit card. Weighing only 1 ounce, you won’t even notice it until you need it. The cord cutter blade is concealed inside the can opener recess so it’s TSA compliant and won’t cut your wallet.

Check it out now on Kickstarter.

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