Live Bearded Is Dropping A New, Bourbon Citrus-Scented Line Of Beard Products TOMORROW

Few things make my mouth salivate and olfactory glands dance like a premium bourbon. I love everything about the stuff, especially how every bourbon has its own distinct aromas that work together like a symphony – a little bit of caramel, a dab of vanilla, some nutmeg and pecan. The notes that you don’t expect to tango with your nose, like toasted oak or a hint of clove.

And of course, the taste and how it dances around the tastebuds. Smooth, with a bite. Pure art in a bottle, right out of a barrel – made or blended by master distillers and hundreds of years of heritage.

If you’re a dude with a beard and love the smell of bourbon, I can’t recommend bourbon-scented beard products enough. It’s such a pleasant aroma to have in your whiskers – refined without being too florally or overly woodsy.

In case you’re not familiar (…you should be!), Live Bearded makes some of the finest beard products out there. They just announced a brand new scent and it’s expected to sell out fast than a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle at a Kentucky liquor store.

1880 is Live Bearded’s new, limited-edition, Bourbon-inspired fragrance. It’s scent is modeled after a classic bourbon Old Fashioned, which just happened to be invented in Louisville in 1880.


Just like the cocktail, Live Bearded’s 1880 line of beard products is a combination of the scents that give an Old Fashion all that zest: Smooth Bourbon, sweet Citrus, and hints of Bitters.

According to the dudes at Live Bearded, bourbon-scented beard products are their most requested fragrance. They’re expecting it to sell-out in record time due to demand. 

So treat this one like a one-of-a-kind craft beer release or sneaker drop.

1880 goes on sale on Friday, April 16th – and is only available while supplies last.

If you’re interested, your best bet is to sign-up to get on our exclusive BroBible list so you can pre-order before it goes on sale to the public. They’ll drop you an e-mail with your eligibility to buy once you’re in. Supplies will be very limited – if not entirely gone – by the time it hits the public sale.

So go sign up to be on the list to get exclusive pre-sale access from Live Bearded.

And good luck on scoring 1880 – Your beard deserves those incredible bourbon scents .

Bottoms up!


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