Getting My Groomsmen Customized Whiskey Accessories Seems Like A Very Good Idea Before My Wedding

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Planning my wedding this year has been… something. Between the uncertainty of this whole pandemic and the general nerves of getting married, the struggle is very real as my fiance and I try to navigate the biggest day of our lives. Hell, we’re even losing sleep over the type of donuts we should offer as a late-night snack for guests! I never thought I’d see the day, guys.

Considering the fact a wedding is difficult AF to plan, one thing that shouldn’t be complicated is shopping for groomsmen gifts. That doesn’t mean it isn’t tough, though, as every buddy of mine seems to have recommendations on what to do and how much to spend. It’s just a little bit overwhelming, because I get one shot at getting this right.

Instead of over-thinking it, I decided to do something I should’ve done first: Head on over to Man Crates to find the best groomsmen gifts money can buy.

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As if the name itself wasn’t a dead giveaway for having dope gifts for guys, the boxes compiled by Man Crates sure do back it up. Whether it’s something for the jerky lover, the golfer, the drinker or the grill master (among others), the brand brings the awesome in each and every crate.

But when it came to buying groomsmen gifts for my wedding, I went with the one thing I absolutely know every single guy loves: Whiskey.

Since Man Crates understands this, the company just so happens to offer a Whiskey Appreciation Crate, which comes packed with a ton of accessories like a handmade decanter, ice sphere molds, slate coasters, heavy bottom glasses, and more. That’s all awesome in and of itself, but the fact that I can customize each crate for my groomsmen makes it that much more unique.

Just take a look below at all that’s packed in the Whiskey Appreciation Crate from Man Crates.

Whiskey Appreciation Crate

Man Crates Whiskey Appreciation Crate

  • Personalized Hand-Made Whiskey Decanter
  • 2 Personalized Heavy Bottom Rocks Glasses
  • 2 Ice Sphere Molds
  • 2 Slate Coasters
  • “33 Drams of Whiskey” a Whiskey Drinking Journal
  • Various Nuts
  • Salted Pistachios

If there’s one thing I know my groomsmen will appreciate at my wedding — well, other than the open bar — it’s the whiskey. And years from now when we’re talking about the drunken tales of my special day, I’d like to think we’ll bust out the customized Whiskey Appreciation Crate I gave as a groomsmen gift, reminding me why the best stories are told over good booze.

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My wedding is the biggest event of my life, but it’s also stressful AF trying to navigate so many moving parts. While the ultimate choice of donuts won’t matter in the end, giving groomsmen gifts that are both personalized, unique and memorable to my buddies sure as hell is. That’s why I went with Man Crates‘ Whiskey Appreciation Crate.

Man Crates doesn’t just making shopping for groomsmen gifts, engagement gifts, birthdays, bachelor parties, etc. simple, but, because they know what guys love most, they’ve got tons of choices no matter what you’re interested in. Bottom line: Stop stressing and start shopping smarter with Man Crates.

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