This Mercedes-Benz Golf Cart Is So Sick You’ll Just Drive Around The Course All Day And Forget To Play

Mercedes Benz Golf Cart 2

There are some days when my golf game is far gone the only real pleasure comes front driving around in a golf cart. Yes, that’s sad.

Hook me up with one of these Mercedes-Benz style golf carts and I don’t care what the hell my score is on the day, I’ll have a great time.

Mercedes-Benz has officially announced the new “Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car.” The result of a cooperation between Mercedes-Benz Style, Daimler Business Innovation and the well-known luxury golf cart manufacturer Garia, this golf sports car comes equipped with

  • Integrated onboard touchpad that displays several car functions, as well as the layout of the golf course, current position and an electronic score card.
  • Built-in refrigerator under the bench seat and a storage tray under the dashboard to hold a row of golf balls at one time.
  • Hands-free system with Bluetooth connection and hi-fi speakers integrated into the rear roof frame, allowing music from any smartphone.
  • Range of up to 50 miles with a top speed of 19 mph.
  • Use of LED technology in headlamps, ensuring good visibility in any weather conditions.

I’d probably hit my ball into other fairways on purpose. “Be right back, I need to take this puppy over a couple holes!

Mercedes Benz Golf Cart 1

Mercedes Benz Golf Cart 3

Mercedes Benz Golf Cart 5


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