6 Mixed Drink Creations Inspired By Legendary Books Every Man Should Read

British-born Tom Walker is a New York City bartender and gin enthusiast. Tom graduated university in England with a journalism degree, but decided instead to pursue his passion for working with liquor and spirits.

After stints in Newcastle and Brisbane, Tom moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to work for the critically acclaimed and most distinguished bar, Bramble Bar & Lounge. It was there that Walker honed his bartending skills and developed a true love of gin. He took his craft to the historic and prestigious American Bar at London’s famous hotel, The Savoy.

Today, Tom is working with Boodles Gin and engages with media on behalf of the brand and educates drinkers on Boodles, the perfectly balanced London Dry Gin.

The Kid Stays in the Picture and a Vodka Martini

According to the reviews, The Kid Stays in the Picture is universally recognized as the greatest, most outrageous, and most unforgettable show business memoir ever written. For something that can keep your attention and get you into the frame of mind, a classic Vodka Martini served ice cold and straight up is something you should sink into when getting your teeth into this book. BUY THE BOOK.


Empire State of Mind and a French 75

Such is the drink culture that surrounds hip hop, specifically with champagne, cognac and gin (and juice), it seems appropriate that Jay-Z would drink something which the hip hop community has helped cultivate into an identity affiliated with consumption and taste. Jay-Z also helped pioneer the trend and elegance of champagne within hip hop in the late 90s, along with Biggie Smalls and Puff Daddy. BUY THE BOOK.

The 48 Laws of Power and an improved Whisky Cocktail

A book about the practical guide for anyone who wants to observe the usefulness of, defend themselves against, or arm themselves in the quest for power. Such a book requires a drink to match it; stiff, hard and uncompromising. Guess that’ll be the Tin Cup then. BUY THE BOOK.

Steal Like An Artist and a Coconut Infante

Such a book would have seemed out of place 20 or 30 years ago, not unlike the concept of coconut tequila, the latter of which has risen to prominence, albeit at opposite ends of the health spectrum.

Tequila’s rise as a sophisticated drink amidst poor production and a reputation usually associated with drunkenness, in conjunction with the availability of coconut water – a health-orientated substitute for energy drinks that’s good for hangovers and good in juices and smoothies – seems like an appropriate spirit to use in a mixed drink with a book like this. BUY THE BOOK.

A Song Of Ice And Fire series and a Mulberry Negroni

With this series of books giving birth to the celebrated Game of Thrones TV series, a fantasy dungeons and dragons style story of politics, power and war, it seems appropriate to affiliate the book with a drink that’s reminiscent of a European Middle Earth. BUY THE BOOKS.

City On Fire and a Moscow Mule

A heady novel of power, politics and intrigue; best keep a clear mind for this one. BUY THE BOOK.

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas and a Mexican Firing Squad

Hunter S. Thompson’s greatest strength (and possibly most dangerous characteristic) was his unlimited hunger to not only to get to the heart of the story, but to almost become central to the story itself. With that he pioneered a form of journalism that divided and ignited opinions about the objectivity such writers should take when working under specific pressures within corporate media. Thompson’s talent of not recognizing personal boundaries within both the fields of writing and in the recreational sense pretty much means that whatever you drink whilst reading this book would be acceptable, although something tells me that the rustic history and vegetal origins (ahem) of tequila would go well when diving into such a book. BUY THE BOOK.