The 21 Most Bullshit Products ‘For Men’ According To Reddit

by 3 years ago

manglaze nail polish for men lead

Someone asked Reddit what the most bullshit “for men” products were, so I went through and picked the funniest and most ridiculous responses, which you can find below…

dude stick lip balm for men

Dude Stick “Chapstick For Men”

You ever listen to 50 Cent’s “Magic Stick” and thought, mmm, I want that all over my lips!? Then, you’re in luck. You might also be attracted to men. Self-discovery is an amazing adventure!

banana boat sunscreen for men

Sunscreen For Men

Only a company like “Banana Boat” would try to sell something like this. Get on the boat, the Banana Boat? Why? Why do you want me to ride your banana? And then cover me in your lotion?

kleenex mansize tissues for men

Kleenex Mansize Tissues For Men

Yo, you blow big loads!??!

man lotion

Man Lotion

Yo, you like to be covered in big loads?!?!?

bronuts Bleu Balls


I can’t really knock this idea. Somehow, it’s less offensive than ‘donut holes’. But, you’re still eating balls. Balls or holes, pick your poison. Chef from South Park would be proud and might be owed some royalties.

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