Drop Munk Packs Into Your Bag And Never Go Hungry While Traveling Again

How many times has this happened? You’re out on a long hike, bike ride or even commute to work and you didn’t have time to prepare food. You end up settling for whatever sustenance is close at hand and end up eating a handful of twigs or 24 Twix bars out of a vending machine.

Stop making poor food choices and plan ahead with Munk Packs. These Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze snacks might look like toddler grub but they actually provide the sustained energy and quick nutrition needed by adventurers of all ages.

Oatmeal is low glycemic and made up of slow digesting, complex carbs which keep you full longer and provide sustained energy and all the Munk Pack products are certified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project.

Committed to making delicious, better-for-you​ ​products more convenient and accessible, Munk Packs are the perfect portable snack and come in seven delicious flavors. Grab a 6 pack for just $9.


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