This Nano-Tool Pack Just Might Save You In A Pinch, And it Costs Less Than A Pitcher Of Beer

Nano-tools, they’re like your regular set of tools only smaller and easier to carry with you on the go. Toss ’em in your trunk, in your glove compartment, in your backpack…Put them on your KEYCHAIN. Do whatever the hell you want with them but MAKE SURE YOU BUY THEM because they just might save your ass when you’re in a pinch. This 3-pack of nano tools only costs $24.99, less than a pitcher of beer in my old neighborhood. So I know that you bros can afford this.

These nano tools will also make one hell of a gift, so pick up a set for yourself and a set for your bros! Check ’em out below…

Nano Tool (3 Pack): Make Your Keychain Your Toolbox with Nano Wrench, Ruler & Socket Tools

You don’t need a full size toolbox to get the job done. Always be ready to repair on-the-go with this set of three essential tools—that all fit easily on your keychain. The Nano Wrench packs an entire set of wrenches plus a screwdriver, and the Nano Ruler comes through in the clutch to fulfill all your measurement needs. Last but not least the Nano Socket will hold any standard drill bit, so nothing stays broken on your watch.

— Carry a full set of wrenches
— Utilize the fully functioning flathead screwdriver
— Use the screwdriver as a scraper
— Make small measurements (up to 2 inches) w/ the portable ruler
— Hold any standard drill bit w/ the Nano Socket
— Fit all three tools on your keychain


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