Nike Released A Flyknit Chukka Golf Shoe, Tights And Tapered-Leg Joggers For Guys To Wear On The Golf Course

Looks like Nike is at it again, bros. After, seemingly, always redefining the sports apparel world with funky designs, bright colors and bold decisions, the Swoosh has released some new golf gear today which will make your jaw drop.

Problem is, I don’t know if it’ll be in amazement because your reaction will be good or bad.

Here’s a look at the new concepts Nike came up with—which includes a Flyknit Chukka Golf Shoe, a shorts-and-Hyperwarm golf tights combo, the MM Fly Blade polo, featuring a distraction-eliminating “blade”-style collar and tapered-leg joggers.

I’m all for pushing the envelope and making golf apparel more interesting, but players like Ricky Fowler are doing that with their bold color choices, not by wearing tights and tapered-leg joggers while on the links.

Whatever, Nike is a billion dollar company who can do whatever they want, so there’s a good chance we’ll all be seeing these new styles at our local course soon—but don’t think that Robert Trent Jones isn’t rolling in his grave.

[H/T, Complex]

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