This Official Scrabble Keyboard Will Give You A Triple Word Score Every Time You Type

by 1 year ago

You’ll probably never be able to play the word “oxyphenbutazone” in Scrabble and score an astounding 1778 points, but at least you can type it with this Scrabble keyboard. This fully-functional keyboard, which is officially licensed from Hasbro, has all the letters and their point values from Scrabble. The keyboard is perfect for board game enthusiasts everywhere and includes additional double and triple word/letter score keycaps. The keyboard also has the Scrabble logo on the “Enter” key.

“The 87-key keyboard features Cherry MX Brown switches, which create a satisfying tactile bump with each keypress,” the description on Massdrop says of the keyboard. “The keyboard comes with a detachable USB cable and a keycap puller to help you move the keycaps around.”

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