This Motorized Paper Plane Is Controlled By Your Smartphone And Does Incredible Tricks


Remember when you were a kid and dreamed of folding the *perfect* paper airplane? Remember when you engineered one perfectly during art class and made it so it could do all sorts of aerobatic stunts during recess? Yeah, that was a good feeling.

A new Kickstarter project called the POWERUP DART will bring back those feelings of playground glory. It’s a kit that allows you to attach a tiny motorized engine on a paper airplane. You then control how you want the plane to fly via a smartphone app.

When it comes to cool, high-tech toys, that’s about as close to living in the Jetsons universe as we’ll get.

Go grab it on Kickstarter, where the project promises to ship for delivery by the holidays. It’s pretty much the coolest “out-of-the-box” gift you can get any gadget geek this holiday season.



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