Do You Want To Protect Your iPhone But Can’t Stand Bulky Cases? Check Out This Brilliant New Design

If you’re like me then you MUST have a case on your smartphone. I can’t go through the day with a naked phone knowing that my clumsy self might drop it at any point and shatter the screen or ding the phone up. I just cannot find peace of mind without some sort of case on my iPhone.

At the same time I can’t stand bulky cases. I think the current slate of smartphones on the market are the greatest the world has ever seen, and the sleek designs deserve to be preserved. That’s why I’m always checking the market for a case that’s both protective and sleek enough that I never notice it…Enter the Peel iPhone Case, a case so thin and protective it’s EXACTLY what I described above. Let’s check it out…

Peel iPhone 6/6S Case: Full Protection That’s Nearly Invisible To The Naked Eye

The iPhone wasn’t designed to perfection just to be covered by a bulky case. That’s why Peel offers a case that retains the shape and form of your phone, while protecting it from accidental drops.

— Doesn’t add bulk or weight to your phone
— Free of any branding
— Designed to be ultra thin (just 0.35mm thick)
— Perfectly formed to fit your iPhone
— Protects your protruding camera lens w/ a subtle lip


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