Penny Skateboards Just Dropped A New Line Of Tropical Designs And These Boards Are Dope

Penny Skateboards

Founded in Australia by Ben Mackay, Penny Skateboards reignited the world’s love of the plastic skateboards made popular in the seventies. The company aims to encourage more people to enjoy the fun of skateboarding by creating high-quality, colorful skateboards across a range of unique collections.

The company just unveiled its most tropical collection to date with the first drop of the new 2016 range. The new collection features thirteen colors, fades and graphics in subtropical themes with a comic twist for the original 22” Penny and 27” Nickel boards in addition to a selection of limited edition skateboards. I already got mine, see.

The prints play with reality in the most colorful of ways with palm trees, toucans, watermelons and vivid hues that take adventure seekers to a tropical paradise or an island escape and beyond. In an update to the ever popular fades, the new range introduces two new colors to choose from, Melt and Neptune – Penny’s brightest fades to date to keep the summer vibes rolling all year long. The Penny Classics are also updated with color-coded cushions and bearings to match the board style.

Other range features include glow in the dark wheels on the Toucan board, glow in the dark deck on the Penny Paradise 22” and a selection of limited edition boards including a Christian Hosoi tribute board. Other limited edition boards include a American flag print Patriot board and special collaborative board with Bro Style slated to launch in mid-May.

All Penny boards are made with a secret plastic formula to ensure the right combination of flexibility and strength promising a smooth and fun ride. Using quality components from tip to tail, Penny bearings and wheels are designed to handle bumps with ease thanks to its chip resistant formula. Other customizing options include a selection of grip tape, panel stickers and Penny’s online 3D customizer.