PF Flyers Released Sneakers Just Like Benny The Jet’s From ‘The Sandlot’ And The Price Won’t Kill Ya, Smalls

The Sandlot Sneakers

As a kid, you probably wanted to be just like Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez from the classic flick The Sandlot. While the actor who played Benny has gone through some tough times, The Jet remains one of the most beloved fictional ballplayers in cinema.

You can still be just like Benny but it won’t involve forming a baseball team of 10-year-old kids. PF Flyers, the sneaker of choice for Benny and the rest of The Sandlot team, are now officially available for purchase.

This perennial basketball style made history last century and remains a contemporary favorite in this one. Featuring premium materials, a vertically ribbed toe guard, a diamond-patterned outsole and the famous Posture Foundation insert, the Center Hi remains the hi-top incarnation of the classic American shoe.

PF Flyers Sandlot Edition

PF Flyers

You can buy them direct from PF Flyers for $150 or get them a little cheaper on Amazon.

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