These 4 Accessories Will Make Your Smart Phone Do Things It Really Shouldn’t Be Able To Do

The evolution of the smart phone has changed the world, but seriously, the first gen versions were only supposed to do one thing — help people make phone calls from anywhere.

Making phone calls is probably the LAST thing people do on their phones. I don’t even know they can be classified as “phones” anymore. Sure, they make phone calls, but they also do a hundred other things. It’s like calling a car a “spare tire transporter.”

These four smart phone accessories will help you do things with your phone you only dreamed possible. Form recording every call to 3D scanning, these accessories will have you calling friends going “you’ve gotta see this shit I just did with my phone!”

Ok, maybe the phone part is slightly useful.

Turn Yourself Into A Pro Photographer

Most phones come with cameras that are better than half of the over-priced cameras on the market. Bring your camera, and your skills, next level with the ExoLens by Zeiss. It’s got a bracket and lens that slides onto your smartphone to allow you to snap better pictures. The bracket has an integrated standard tripod mount at the bottom and the lens is a super wide-angle lens (165-degrees) that expands the iPhone’s frame by up to 35%. Your shots will be perfect and your Instagram game will be double strong. GET IT NOW!

Make Your Phone Indestructible

With the winter and the snow now among us, phones are not exactly at the top of the prio list, especially when you can’t feel your fingers anyway. LifeProof however, provides us with a waterproof/snow-proof case this year to keep our phones safe from precipitation, drips off the roof and dropping your phone into the wet slush that is…well, everywhere. Along with being durable, the new FRE Power case provides users with twice as much battery power, putting the “my phone died” excuse to bed. GET IT NOW!

Record All Your Conversations

The Just In Case phone cover allows users to initiate recording at any point during a call (with app/conference call solutions, users must record the entire conversation from beginning to end), features an easy-to-use, simple 2-button interface: one for “record” and one for “play.”  Just in Case can also function as an incognito stand-alone recorder that can record in-person conversations not made via the user’s iPhone.  GET IT NOW!

Turn Your Phone Into A Portable 3D Scanner

Using your Android or iOS phone, the eora 3D uses a green laser to create high-quality 3D models that are precise to sub-100 microns. Scan anything and turn it into a 3D creation in no time using your just your phone. GET IT NOW!

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