Physical Copies Of ‘Fortnite’ Are Selling For Insane Amounts Of Money



Before Fortnite became the hottest game on the entire planet, Epic Games sold physical copies of the battle royale video game. Since the game has exploded in popularity, there are now video game collectors who will pay crazy amounts of money for Fortnite discs.

Last July, Gearbox Software published a limited number of “early access” physical copies of Fortnite for PS4, Xbox One, and the PC in Europe. The discs had a price tag of $60 and feature the “Save the World” mode. Gearbox Software stopped producing the discs and Epic Games says they have no plans to sell physical copies in the near future.

There are currently 39 listings with a median price of $110 for physical copies of Fortnite on eBay. One unopened, sealed Fortnite disc is listed for an insane price of $450, another for $350. Of course these are just listings, however, there are confirmed purchases of Fortnite discs for an ungodly $205 and $170. On average, the disc is selling for around $130.

That’s $200 for a video game that is available for free. Let me repeat… FREE. Zip. Zero. Nothing. Nada. More proof that people have way too much expendable income. Sure a physical copy would be cool to have as memorabilia for a collector, but for hundreds of dollars? If you have a Fortnite disc, especially a sealed and unopened one, maybe you try to see if you can turn that into a few hundred dollars. That’s a nice little chunk of change for free game.

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