Plover Robes – Meet The Company Making ‘Adventure’ Robes To Level Up Your Leisure Wear

Presented in partnership with Plover Robes…

Want to know why Hugh Hefner often wore a robe? Because it’s the ultimate power move, showing off your laidback vibes like nothing else can. Whether you’re wearing it around the house to lounge in, using it as leisure wear after a shower, or just trying to set the mood for chillin’, nothing beats the comfort of a robe.

But forget the boring styles you remember from your younger days, because there’s a new kid on the block: Plover Robes.

Legit made for adventure-seekers who play by their own rules, Plover Robes is leveling up the robe game with its so-called “adventure robes” for lounging wherever you please.

Plover’s robe designs are full of attitude that a plain white robe from a hotel room lacks. And because everybody likes feeling cozy in their leisure wear, you better believe these things pack serious comfort.


It’s Plover Robes‘ mission to make this type of leisure wear popular again, and make it trendy to wear a comfortable robe around your house or apartment… or even in the great outdoors. As the perfect combination of style and functionality, the soft material is designed to adapt to any environment. So stay cool and dry no matter what adventure you’re tackling.

With a handful of different patterns and styles, here’s what you can expect from your Plover Robe.

Plover Robes Features

  • One Size Fits All
  • Center Seamed Hood
  • Mesh Inner Liner
  • 2 Large Pockets
  • Secure Inner Phone Pocket with Button Closure
  • Locker Hang Loop Inside Collar
  • 36″ Length for Above the Knee Style
  • 6 Personality Patterns

This is your chance to show your true self. To be comfortable, stylish and swagtastic. To take your leisure wear to a whole new level.

With Plover Robes, the possibilities for chillin’ are endless.


Made with innovative fabric that includes supreme moisture-wicking technology, thermo-regulating, 4-way stretch and UPF protection, Plover Robes brings a new level in leisure wear. Plus, the brand is committed to the environment, so fabric is chemical-free, meaning it’s better for you and Mama Earth.

It’s time to get your swag back and show some damn pride in your leisure wear, guys. Plover Robes has designs to help you do just that, and make a perfect accessory for all those adventure-seeking days you’re bound to tackle.



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