Porsche Constructed A Home Sound System From A 911 GT3 And It’s As Insane As You’re Imagining

Porsche 911 Soundbar 2


Porsche already rules the car world. Now they want to blow the doors off something else — your house.

Porsche Design – yes, it’s actually from the car people — is releasing the 911 Soundbar. It’s a 2.1 virtual surround system with a subwoofer boost converted from an original rear silencer and twin exhaust of a 911 GT3. The resulting system is a deeper, measurably louder audio experience with a higher maximum volume.

It has a 200-watt system performance, DTS TruSurround, Bluetooth radio technology for wireless audio transmission from a tablet or smartphone.

The 911 Soundbar will be in stores by March, and while it won’t cost as much as a 911, it will retail for about $3,500.

Porsche 911 Soundbar 1