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How Questlove Is Pivoting To New Things This Summer Thanks To Gold Peak Real Brewed Tea

Why Gold Peak Real Brewed Tea Has Teamed Up With Questlove To Try New Things

Life is all about trying new things.

From new foods to new activities to new destinations, these experiences are an opportunity to expand the mind and grow. It’s how you live life to its fullest.

This summer, Gold Peak Real Brewed Tea is looking to awaken everyone’s sense of try by launching its “Tea is for Trying” campaign.

As part of the campaign, Gold Peak has teamed up with someone who’s no stranger to trying new things: Grammy and Oscar-winning artist Questlove.

Over the coming months, the filmmaker, drummer, DJ, producer, culinary entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, and member of The Roots will appear in three Gold Peak ads. Clearly, the guy has a knack for taking on new challenges.

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Questlove & Gold Peak Team Up To Try New Things

Fans can follow along Questlove’s journey as he tries tea and some unexpected things, including ice sculpting and blow torch cooking.

I’ve already added both of those to my own list of activities to try.

For Questlove, the opportunity to try new experiences came at the perfect time.

“2022 is the time period I got out of my comfort zone & explored areas of creativity & adventure & a new pivot. It’s also the most exciting period of this ongoing journey.” – Questlove

It wasn’t just perfect timing on the collaboration though. The message of creativity fell right in line with Questlove’s approach to life. Plus, it turns out a bit of creativity on Gold Peak’s part only helped make the decision easier.

“So of course the Tea is for Trying was right up my alley with the messaging of finding new creative avenues (and ok—a good pun wins me over everytime lol).” – Questlove

Glad to see Questlove is a guy who can appreciate a good pun.

From music to film to cooking, Questlove already has an extensive set of talents. Now, he can add ice sculpting and blow torch cooking to his resume too.

As for what’s next? Here’s what Questlove had to say:

“Who knows? Ice Sculpting & Blow Torch cooking was really fun to do—who knows what I’ll get into next? I highly recommend everyone to find a passion or a creative outlet to get into this summer: deep sea diving, book writing or skydiving! No more limits!!!”

Gold Peak Real Brewed teas are made from real leaves and real cane sugar for a “Real Brewed Taste.” It’s the perfect summer refreshment to quench your real thirst while fueling a thirst for trying new things.

Remember, Tea is for Trying! So give Gold Peak a try and then try something else new!

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