2017 Isn’t All Bad Because You Can Now Buy An Entire Keg Full Of Ranch Dressing

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hidden valley ranch keg

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Everyone has something to complain about in 2017 but I can’t imagine there’s a single living soul that will have a problem with this new. Hidden Valley Ranch has launched a ‘Holiday Outlet’ where they are selling a mini keg full of ranch dressing. They’re also selling a ranch dressing fountain if a keg full of the creamy ranch isn’t enough for you.

Your 2017 Christmas party will NOT be complete without a keg of ranch dressing. The mini keg is selling for $50 on the FlavourGallery.com. Pre-orders have already begun and these ranch dressing kegs will start shipping on December 11th, just in time for your holiday party and/or Christmas. The mini keg holds 5 liters of Hidden Valley Ranch and measures 9.7″x6.3″.

Hidden Valley Ranch Keg

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This 5-liter keg of Hidden Valley Ranch is going to set you back $50, which is somewhat affordable when compared to the $110 it’ll cost to buy this ranch dressing fountain with an accompanying skirt:

hidden valley ranch fountain

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Let’s be honest, your 2017 Holiday Party is going to be lame as all heck if you’re not putting a ranch dressing keg out for your guests. Sure, ugly Christmas sweaters are awesome. You certainly need to be wearing one of those. But that’s the status quo. If you want to go above and beyond you’ll need a keg of ranch dressing.

If you’re ready to pull the trigger and purchase a ranch dressing keg you can follow those links above and head on over to the Flavour Gallery. (h/t Delish.com)

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