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SeaVees Sixty Six: A Classic West Coast Sneaker You Can Wear Year-Round

SeaVees Sixty-Six White

California-brand SeaVees started creating timeless sneaker silhouettes in the early 1960’s and still utilizes some of those iconic styles in the line today. Our favorite model, the white Sixty Six, is a recreation of the original sneaker shown in ad campaigns all the way back in 1966.

SeaVees Sixty-Six White

SeaVees has got their formula down pat with this shoe. White cotton canvas and cotton laces, a strong rubber outsole, a soft footbed, and an extra-heel strike cushion make the Sixty-Six a quality, affordable pair of kicks you can buy multiple times over without feeling a ding in your wallet.

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White Sneakers That Can Be Worn Year-Round

SeaVees Sixty-Six White

Most of us probably know you can wear a white sneaker year-round, but if you’re in the camp of thought where you can’t wear white after Labor Day, think again.

A white sneaker works for most outfits when the weather gets colder, but a general rule of thumb is to keep your dress casual when wearing them.

Your white sneakers can also get dirty—that’s right, let them get a little banged up. It will give your white sneakers some dimension. Plus the contrast won’t be as stark when you wear them with a darker colored outfit.

And remember, keeping your white sneakers ultra-clean is great only for a short period of time. If your purpose is to wear your white sneakers casually, you don’t want to walk around with a bright and shiny blur on your feet or else it begins to look too dressy and cookie-cutter.

Our tip is to wear your white sneakers like you would any shoe. Don’t freak out about where you have to step or if you need to continuously clean them.

Just live in them.

A White Sneaker You Can Live In

For $58, you can comfortably buy a new pair of Sixty-Sixes anytime the sneaker starts to get too worn down and soggy. Opt for this wallet-friendly option and leave the anxiety of getting your $200 white sneakers dirty at the door.

SeaVees Sixty-Six White

The Sixty-Six is a perfect example of a shoe you can live in without worrying about your money—or your look—going down the drain.

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But if you still feel an immense amount of pressure when wearing white sneakers, don’t worry. Seavees still has something for you.

seavees heather gray sixty six

The heather grey Sixty-Six is perfect alternative for those who want the iconic Sixty-Six, but aren’t convinced on white sneakers. We get it — white isn’t everyone’s style. Keep in mind, the heather grey Sixty-Six are made with terry-knit sweatshirt-like material, so it transitions into fall perfectly.

SHop seavess sixty-six

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