SkyRunner — The All-Terrain Vehicle That Converts Into An Aircraft In Seconds — Is Now Available To Crazy People

This week, at the Palm Beach International Boat Show, makers of the insane SkyRunner all-terrain vehicle will unveil their product to the world. By the end of the year, I predit a ton of insane people will be commandeering their own aircraft and all hell will break loose.

Part all-terrain vehicle, part light-sport aircraft, SkyRunner is the next generation of elite powersports/ light-sport aircraft. SkyRunner uses advanced ram air parachute technology created by world renowned Performance Designs in Florida.

Open fields, grass strips and secluded beaches will be the runways of choice,” says Stewart Hamel, SkyRunner Founder and CEO. “In the United States 98% of airspace is open to light sport pilots.”

SkyRunner weighs 1100 pounds and its off-road top speed is 70 mph. In the air, the vehicle can reach speeds of up to 55 mph. It can travel 240 miles on the ground and 120 nautical miles in the air (roughly 3 hours of flight).

A license to fly SkyRunner can be obtained in days with only 12 hours of flight with a Certified Flight Instructor (which SkyRunner and its partner network offers). Requirements for licensing include a valid driver’s license and a minimum age of 17.

Priced at $119,000, SkyRunner requires a $5,000 deposit and can deliver in 6 months.

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