Someone Imagined What A 2020 Ford Bronco Would Look Like And It’s The Perfect SUV

When I was a kid, my aunt and uncle had a late ’80s model Ford Bronco. It was one of my favorite cars in the world, mostly because you’d tower above the road and there was SO MUCH ROOM inside the cabin, including a massive trunk behind the back seat. Plus, the V-8 engine in the fourth generation Bronco was loud. When you’re nine years old, there’s nothing greater than an engineering beast with a menacing bellow. It was the perfect SUV.

Ford made the Bronco from 1966 to 1996, just a couple years after O. J. Simpson entered popular culture forever with his high speed chase in a white Bronco down an Los Angeles freeway.

So what would a Bronco look like in 2016? There hasn’t really been a solid concept since 2004, so the Bronco super fans at came up with a 2020 model year concept:

We share with you our 2020 Ford Bronco renderings which provides a conceptual look at the 6th generation Bronco. For our concept Bronco, we fused styling elements from previous Bronco generations, the 2004 Bronco concept, and modern Ford trucks and SUVs. You can see the classic round headlights and square inset front grille evolved from the 1st gen Bronco, which was also showcased in the retro-futuristic 2004 Bronco concept. Our concept features a modern body on frame next generation Bronco that retains a tall, boxy, tough, no-frills design with a strong focus on utility and off-road capabilities. We fitted separate versions with different grilles, wheel fender shapes, varying ride heights, and cargo rack for some different looks.

The Ford Bronco is expected to make a return for the 2020 model year and will be a direct Jeep Wrangler competitor, with Ford planning to build a full-sized 6th generation Bronco at its Michigan Truck Plant in Wayne, Michigan. Our sources tell us that while Ford is in the early stages of planning, the company has purchased Wrangler Unlimited and Wrangler Unlimited Rubicons for benchmarking and is shooting for best-in-class capabilities, striving to exceed the JKU Rubicon’s performance in certain trims of the Bronco 6G.

Honestly, it’s sick. Let’s hope the right people at Ford see this and make something happen. I’d buy one in a heart-beat:

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