Sunglasses Made from Baseball Bats! Plus 10 Things We Want

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Wild Turkey 101, $21.99

Everyone is all about fancy, high-end bourbons these days. Your 12 year Pappy Van Winkle and your single-barrel whatever. But let’s be real, those bottles are spending money for the sake of spending money. When shopping for bourbon, you should be looking for two things. Does it taste good? And is it affordable? It’s whiskey. Not perfume.

What if I told you a perfectly great bourbon has been sitting on the shelf all this time? And you’ve been foolishly not buying it? Wild Turkey 101. The strong proof means its a bourbon that makes you feel like a man. It’s also aged in new white oak #4 alligator char barrels, which give it heavy flavor. And despite the proof, it finishes smooth.

So stop wasting your money on fancy stuff. Drink what’s good. Damn good, to be precise. And if you need to let people know Wild Turkey’s well-regarded, tell them it won a gold medal at the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

That’ll shut up the snobs. — David Covucci

Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, $TBD


If what you’re saying is true, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous. Try $5 mil dangerous.

Yes, the much-vaunted 128-minute Wu-Tang double album, printed on only one copy and locked in a silver box in a Moroccan vault, is now entertaining offers of $5 million. Who’s going to buy it? Will he (or most likely “it,” the corporation) release it in any way to the public? Who knows. But for rap fans, or anyone really who is interested in the state of music in 2014, Wu-Tang’s business move/stunt makes for a fascinating story.

Raven MPV, $TBA


You know you’re aging when you look at that mower and think, “Hey, I could buy that.”

Still, the Raven MPV is unquestionably sweet: it can hit a mowing speed of six miles per hour (and it boasts a 14-inch turning radius), and when you remove its mowing deck you’re left with an ATV that’s capable of pulling 550 pounds and hitting 17 miles per hour. The Raven also boasts a 7100-watt generator. It’s practically begging you to plug in your amp and crush the solo to “Born to Run.” America.

Criquet Shirts, $75


Criquet offers some pretty swaggy golf shirts that just popped on our radar: Think the classic vintage-prep look, but without the shitty boxy cut you get with more traditional styles. I like the pocket, too.

Shwood Louisville Slugger Sunglasses, $250


Do you like baseball? No. Do you really, really like baseball? Like, you’ve named a dog “Oil Can Boyd?”

Alright. We can talk about these.

In honor of opening day, Shwood handcrafted wooden shades out of old Louisville Slugger bats, creating two distinct styles—the Select, with its two-tone stems, and the Original, with its natural woodgrain look—that’ll have you looking ashy, yet stylish. They also provide some amazing bragging rights. Both frames also come with a handmade wooden display box, a display bat, and a custom trading card. With your own name on it? POSSIBLY. That’s worth the cost. (NOTE: Probably not worth the cost.)

The Home Distiller’s Workbook, $3.99


This book has everything about moonshining you ever wanted to ask your Kentuckian great-grandfather. Who died 45 years ago. In prison. From cirrhosis.

The Home Distillers Workbook contains multiple how-to guides to distilling your own spirits in either your kitchen or backwoods shed. Recipes include “whiskey,” “rum,” and “vodka.”

Everything this book tells you do is illegal, by the way. I think that covers our butts.

New Balance National Parks 996, $149


Missed out on the Supreme-Nike Foamposites? So did everyone else. It turns out the shoes were a public safety hazard! Who knew!

New Balance’s National Park-edition kicks are also a collaboration, if on a much weirder level—but on the positive side, the tri-color look (with matching laces) is clean, and you won’t shut down a city street trying to buy a pair. In fact, they’re just a click away.

Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide, $19



Complete with over 300 lovely illustrations of sought-after sneakers, The Complete Limited Editions Guide may cause the end of at least one credit card or another. And you breaking at least the 10th commandment.

The book’s collaborative authors are a London-based creative agency called U-DOX, who is also responsible for 2005’s terrific Sneakers: The Complete Collectors’ Guide (an empirically perfect coffee table book for bros). The Limited Editions Guide looks to be a worthy follow-up.

Carlock, $99


This ain’t cheap. But if you live in an area of the world where your car’s safety is constantly in question, it could be a nice supplemental insurance.

Carlock plugs into your car’s diagnostic port and keeps track of your car’s location, via GPS technology. The device is small and stays relatively hidden—so any jackers won’t know you’re following their movements with your mobile phone. Also great for any psychotic girlfriends out there!

Rungu Juggernaut Bike, $2,500


If you can’t get over a dune or a beach or volcanic magma with this three-wheeled beast, it’s your own fault. Do squats or something.

The Rungu Juggernaut is at its root an adult tricycle, with three fat 4.7-inch tires that promise to improve float on sand and snow over other fat-wheeled bikes by 50%. The two front tires can also cruise over 6-inch tall objects at crawl speed, which is kind of insane.

The frame is aluminum—we don’t want it to get too heavy—and if you’re lazy, it includes a kit for transitioning it into an electric vehicle. It is the tank of bikes. It is Bike Tank.

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