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We all know how annoying it can be when trying to find supplements that are right for us.

We might find a protein that has great taste, yet we don’t see any tangible results after weeks of proper usage. Or we might start trying a pre-workout our friend recommended, only to discover the crash puts us at a low point for the rest of the day.

These are only a couple of the problems when looking for new supplements.

A Science-Backed and Expert-Led Approach to Finding the Right Supplement Plan

Eric Wu and Jahaan Ansari knew the constant cycle of testing supplements must be stopped. They decided to abandon the popular trial-and-error and instead go with a more scientific approach.

They assembled a team of health and nutrition experts to help build personalized supplement plans for active individuals. The experts on the Gainful Science Advisory Board have experience working with elite athletes from all over the world—we’re talking organizations everywhere from the Olympics to the NBA.


Since the company’s inception, Gainful has helped over 2.5 million individuals get their own Personalized Protein powders, Personalized Pre-Workouts, Personalized Hydration blends, and Performance Boosts (like collagen and creatine).

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How Gainful Works

Gainful recommends a personalized performance nutrition plan after each new user completes a 5-minute survey. The survey gauges your level of physical activity, what diet restrictions you have, what physical results you’re looking for, and much more in order to determine what’s best for you.

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After the survey, Gainful then provides a line of products they recommend with key formulas your body will best engage with.


What’s awesome is Gainful uses as few ingredients as possible, avoiding any unneeded additives or fillers other brands sometimes use. Always zero artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

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Your personal plan doesn’t stop at the recommendation stage. You will also have the ability to pick and choose which flavors you want for each product.

Take 40% Off A Personalized Supplement Plan Thanks To Gainful's End Of Season Sale

So say you’re getting a Personalized Protein, you can choose from Flavor Boosts like Madagascar Vanilla, Rich Cocoa, Cookies and Cream, and tons more. For your Personalized Hydration blend, choose between Lemon Lime and Strawberry Lemonade flavors.

You’ll even have the opportunity to pick your Personalized Pre-workout flavor—Watermelon or Strawberry Lemonade!

One-on-one Access to A Registered Dietitian

What sets Gainful apart from all the other industry competitors is their offering of 1:1 access to a Registered Dietitian.

Every Gainful custom gains complimentary access to an R.D. they can message any time to ask questions as you start on your new personal fitness and nutrition plan.


Want to try a plant-based protein but have some reservations? You can ask your R.D.

Not sure how best to creatine load? Reach out to your R.D.

They are there for you every step of your Gainful journey to help you reach your goals.

Take 40% Off A Personalized Supplement Plan Thanks To Gainful's End Of Season Sale

Thinking about tweaking your Personalized Hydration blend to help better replace the sodium you lose from high-intensity workouts? Your R.D. will help adjust your formula.

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Simply take the 5-minute survey and set yourself up for a plan. Secure everything from a Personalized Protein powder to Personalized Pre-workout and then enter the code “BRO40” at checkout to receive your discount.


There’s nothing better than getting into a wellness groove as the warm weather rolls in.

Get on board with a discounted Gainful plan now so you can optimize your gains and reap the benefits of proper performance nutrition.

Use code “BRO40” To GET 40% OFF NOW

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