The 25 Best Sports Toys From Your Childhood

Being a kid was awesome. The only worries you had were whether or not you had too much homework so you wouldn’t be able to play with your new toy. There was no stress, no lack of sleep, and especially no bills. That was when life was fun.

But it wasn’t just fun because you were a kid. It was fun because we had toys. And not just any toys, amazingly amazing sports toys that we could still play with today. That was back before the iPod or tablets. When people would actually go outside and play in the street or in the backyard.

With Christmas around the corner, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive those awesome days spent playing with all those amazing sports toys from our childhood. Enjoy.

25. Yo-Yo Ball

24. Gator Golf

23. Clackers

22. Baseball Cards

21. Koosh Vortex Power Bat

20.  Splash Out

19. Tech Decks

18. Skip-It

17. Koosh Balls

16. Pogs

15. Micro Machines

14. 3-in-1 Tournament Table

13. Madballs

12. Koosh Basketball Hoop

11. Roller Racers

10. Super Soakers

9. Scatch Velrcro Gloves

8. Mini Sticks

7. Roller Blades

6. Pogo Balls

5. Starting Line-Up

4. Slip N Slide

3. Nerf Vortex Football

2. Power Wheels

1. Nerf Guns