The 5 Coolest Sneakers Inspired By TV Shows and Movies

The Simpsons

Nike Skateboarding collaborated with the very popular television show “The Simpsons” to create the Homer Simpson SB and Marge Simpson SB. They debuted back in 2007 when the show was still dominating the airways. They were instantly coveted by sneakerheads everywhere. The colors in the shoe were designed to resemble the actual color of the characters in conjunction with the outfits they wore.


Now there have been a handful of “Entourage” collaborations over the years and who can blame sneaker companies from trying to hit it out the park with this very popular HBO series. None of the collaborations have quite touched the Nike Lebron 8 “Entourage” collaboration however. This sneaker hit the market back in 2011 and sold out quicker than Dwight's decision to bolt to Houston. Yes I am an upset Laker fan. Oh well. These kicks remain one of the most sought after and with good reason.


Space Jam

Who can forget that iconic shoe that allowed Michael Jordan to stretch from half court and dunk the ball in order to win the game and free the Looney Tunes from destruction!? Okay let me dial back from my childhood days. But in all seriousness those shoes became so popular after the movie that Jordan Brand had no choice but to nickname them “Space Jams” when they hit the sneaker market. Not only did this make the movie more popular but the Space Jam Jordan remains one of the most coveted sneakers of all time.


Family Guy

If you're not a sneakerhead or simply haven't noticed, Nike SB loves to collaborate with popular television shows and movies and with very good reason. These Quagmire inspired dunks were an instant hit on the market. The flashy design that was similar to the outfit Quagmire wore in the show made it very popular with sneakerheads and fans of the popular show alike. It was the first official collaboration with Family Guy and released when the show was in its prime leading to an instant sell out. Grand slam!

Miami Vice

Now I must admit this show is a bit before my time but I did see the the most recent remake starring Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell if that counts for anything. However after doing my research on the popular 80s show I could clearly see why this Lebron 9 model earned the nickname “Miami Vice”. The colors encompass the lettering and color scheme of the show. To this day this is easily one of the most sought out shoes on the market.