The 9 Coolest New Features Of The Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9 Plus

by 1 year ago

In the digital age, a great phone is really about how easily it integrates into your life without a hiccup. Does it make your food pics to your Mom clear-as-day so she knows you’re eating the occasional kale salad instead of pizza four times a week? Does it That slo-mo video from your boys trip to Tahoe look badass on Instagram? Can you throw on a breezy playlist from Spotify and crank up the volume while lazing around the backyard on a Sunday without a speaker?

I live with my smartphone in my hand. I like functionality. I want my devices to enhance my life in some way, from taking better pics to bigger screens that let me watch American Vandal in HD when I’m delayed at the airport. I’m not a “specs guy” when it comes to making a purchasing decision for a phone; I don’t ogle over pixel density of it’s screen or the power of it’s Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor. I know all that under-the-hood stuff is important to what makes a smartphone smart, but at the end of the day just want a phone to do all the cool things that it says it can do with ease.

Get ready to hear a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S9+ over the next few months. The specs on the device have been out for weeks, but it’s finally trickling into consumer hands. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is affordably priced out-of-the-box at $839.99, with the S9 starting at $719.99. That’s significantly cheaper than Apple’s $1000+ price points for the iPhone X, which means Samsung stands a good chance to chisel further and further into market share with a phone boasting similar performance capabilities.

I got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus the other week, getting a chance to take it through the mill as a very heavy phone user. There are some freakin’ cool new features in Samsung’s ninth generation of the Galaxy.

Here’s a no-nonsense guide to what’s rad in the device. Go check out an unlocked version of the device for yourself over on Amazon…


An Incredible Camera, Especially In Low-Light

The Samsung S9 is the first smartphone to ever roll out a dual aperture camera. That means the lens automatically adjusts to the situation, kind of like a human eye when you go outside from a dark office to food truck for lunch. You get all the oomf of a wide aperture lens (…the widest on any smartphone) for incredibly vivid pics in low light situations (..concerts, restaurants, camping at night in the woods) while also giving you a narrow aperture lens for bright situations (the beach, bright department stores, basically any time the sun is in the sun is in the sky). The Galaxy’s camera automatically adjusts the aperture size for the situation, while letting you get your Ansel Adams on with a manual mode.

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