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The Ultimate Shaving Gamechanger: The YA-MAN ‘Hot Shave’ Heated RF Electric Shaver

Unchecked routines—we all got ‘em. Whether it be zoom-scrolling social media or shaving with disposable razors, there is odd comfort in habit. Changing them feels as unnatural as trying out a new hairstyle after the age of 30.

It’s why we accept pharmacies’ child-locking razor blades behind plastic doors and trust the sharpness of a blade we use on our face to the “science” of a magic blue line.

We must demand more for ourselves.

Shaving is something the average man does 20,000 times in his life. It should be a delight. A reprieve. An act of self-care.

‘Hot Shave’ Heated RF Electric Shaver by YA-MAN is unequivocally the most relaxing, effective, hassle-free shave out there.


But you know better than to trust the opinion of a stranger on the internet, so here are the FACTS about the #1 shaver in Japan for four years straight.

Fact 1: You can’t beat the heat.

The YA-MAN ‘Hot Shave’ Heated RF Electric Shaver uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology to blissfully warm deep into the skin. When the skin is warmed up, it absorbs moisture more easily—which in turn, improves the skin’s softness and elasticity and achieves a much closer shave than conventional products.

Fact 2: Numbers don’t lie.

People who use the YA-MAN ‘Hot Shave’ Heated RF Electric Shaver enjoy a 15% reduction in the number of visible hairs in the area above the upper lip compared to conventional products in the space.

This shaving efficiency could be why 92% of people report satisfaction with the  ‘Hot Shave’ Heated RF Electric Shaver by YA-MAN.

Fact 3: The blades don’t fade.

We’ve become accustomed to treating razor blades like avocados—not knowing exactly when to use them or toss them. This is rubbish.

The YA-MAN ‘Hot Shave’ Heated RF Electric Shaver boasts two rows of skin-safe blades with different speeds and angles that maximize skin contact and heat delivery. The blades rotate about 2,000 times per minute, cutting hair from the root with the efficiency of a hot knife through butter while leaving no cuts, nicks, or irritation. What’s more, the 3-D Motion Head possesses a wide range of motion to accommodate all facial curves and crevices.

Fact 4: It just feels good.

In Japan, ON-ZORI is a term used to describe the soothing feeling associated with a hot towel shave. The YA-MAN ‘Hot Shave’ Heated RF Electric Shaver, inspired by the fusion of modern Japanese technology and tradition, was designed to recreate this lovely feeling without having to shell out cash to a barber.

The heat relaxes and softens the skin, creating an ideal environment for the blades to go to work—without the tugging and pulling that comes with less-effective electric shavers on the market. It’s kind of like shaving after spending 20 minutes in a steam room.

Fact 5: It’s a worthwhile investment.

Ok, this is more of an opinion, but if you shave more than a couple of times a week, this statement borders on fact.

The YA-MAN ‘Hot Shave’ Heated RF Electric Shaver is priced at $299, and while you’d be a fool to spend that on a five-pack of disposable razors, this 100% waterproof, esthetician-approved hot shaver will immediately replace the hassle (and money suck) of re-upping on blades on the regular—ultimately saving you boatloads in the long run.

It’s time we prioritize convenience, comfort, and quality in our daily grooming routines. It’s time we treat ourselves to the care we deserve.

While you’re upgrading your shave game, be sure to pick up the Moist Lotion to complete your routine and keep your face feeling fine. Plus, you can take your shaver and lotion on the go in the handy Travel Case.

Because you deserve to look your best wherever you go.