These Sticky Notes Are ‘Seriously’ Perfect For Passive Aggressive People, So, That’s Like Everybody

by 2 years ago

Seriously Post It Notes

Have you every wanted to ask a co-worker or roommate a question without having to hear the answer? Questions like “why did you forget to flush the bowl full of turds?” or “why the hell would you microwave popcorn AND egg whites at the same time?”

Well, now you can, without wasting all of your time talking or writing lengthy notes. Grab these Seriously? notepads and get the answers you kind-of want without all of the wasted time.

Seriously? No flush?
Seriously? Eggs AND fucking popcorn?!?
Seriously? You had to sleep with my ex?

See how much easier life is with these pads?

And if you’re not into Seriously there’s also Bitch Citation, Complaint, Just Sayin’ and the incredibly useful My Bad.


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