These Suspended Tree Tents Mean You Can Finally Live Like An Ewok In The Woods

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of falling asleep in a hammock, suspended in the air. That’s why Luminair‘s Suspended Tree Tents are so damn cool. It basically gives you the entire Ewok experience of living in the trees without having to take a trip to the forest moon of Endor.

Luminair’s spherical suspended tree tents are constructed by a team of designers and engineers using an aluminum sub frame and 100% heavy cotton cavas. The inside includes a bench that expands into a single bed. There’s also a micro woodstove, a water storage tank and pump, and a flexible solar charger.

It gets rigged to three or four trees and, voila!, you have the ultimate shelter in the sky. Just make sure you don’t camp around assholes who will steal your ladder. Cost is around $13,000 for the custom-built structure.

Here are some pics via Hi Consumption:

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