50 ‘Things We Want’ This Week — A Roundup Of This Week’s Best Gear For Men

things we want gear guide for men

Welcome to another edition of the ‘Things We Want’ weekly roundup of the best new gear for guys. This is your weekly guide to all of the trending gear, gadgets, accessories, and apparel to make your life better in some way. You can follow any of the links throughout this article to scoop up any of these items yourself!

If you’ve been reading the ‘Things We Want‘ for yours then you’ll notice it fits with the style of my daily Everyday Carry Essentials features. If you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at cass@brobible.com.

Authentic Military Randolph Aviators (Made in the USA)

The sunniest days of the year are upon us, guys, and they bring perfect weather, lots of pool time and a little bit more burnt skin the day after (so remember to wear that sunscreen!). But, in addition to protecting your skin from being as red as a lobster, you’ll want to make sure you protect your eyes, too, always having a pair of shades nearby.

Here’s the thing about Randolph Sunglasses, guys; they aren’t your standard, run-of-the-mill kind of shades. Worn by the U.S. Military, including fighter pilots, the shades have been part of the U.S. government since the 1970s, delivering optimum protection (and style).


Essential Summer Gear

best essential everyday carry gear

Here we have the Wood Visor Freshener from Drift, a really cool product that’s only $8 and it is something you probably never realized you need until you discovered it exists. This is a high-quality block of sustainably-sourced cedar wood that has been soaked in essential and fragrance oils to deliver real scents (not chemicals). The Drift Wood Visor Freshener has a balanced scent profile of dark rum, caramel, allspice, plum, and clove. At only $8 this is an absolute steal and one of the cooler products I’ve come across so far in 2020.

[1] Lum-Tec M88 Watch [$575]

[2] Greats Royale Knit Sneakers [$120]

[3] Tropical Bros ‘Naturdays’ Hawaiian Party Shirt [$42]

[4] Wellen Cruiser Hybrid Short – 7.5″ [$68]

[5] Wood Visor Freshener by Drift [$8]

[6] SOG Knives Aegis AT Pocket Knife [$85]

[7] Billykirk No. 397 Slim Card Case [$43]

[8] The Mehlville by The James Brand [$60]

[9] Bullet Space Pen [$25]

[10] Klipsch McLaren T5 II True Wireless Sport Earbuds [$249]

Lum-Tec Field Watches

Lum-Tec Field Watches


Field watches offer more than just classically rugged looks, these tough watches are designed to withstand all of the rigors you throw at them in day to day life. One major feature of these particular watches from Lum-Tec is the lume itself, their luminous technology which allows you to read the watchface in low light conditions.

The three watches we see here range from $470 to $575 and include the Lum-Tec Combat B46, Lum-Tec M88, and the Lum-Tec Combat B45. You can see similar elements across the three watches but they are unique in interesting ways.

[1] Lum-Tec Combat B46 [$470]

[2] Lum-Tec M88 [$575]

[3] Lum-Tec Combat B45 [$495]

Accessories and Apparel

Essential Every Day Carry Items

Here we check out a unique everyday carry pocket knife from Deejo Knives which features a dope custom blade tattoo. These are some of the most customizable knives on the planet, they are super light, and ideal for everyday carry. They allow you to pick a unique ‘tattoo’ to make the knife your own as well as choosing the blade and handle features.

[1] VAER Watches A5 Field Automatic [$449]

[2] Quoddy Runabout Moc [$295]

[3] Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee [$45]

[4] Faherty Brand Stretch Malibu Short [$98]

[5] Carbon Fiber Wallet + Cash Plate [$125]

[6] Deejo Knives Pocket Knife w/ Custom Blade Tattoo [$70]

[7] Wood Visor Freshener by Drift [$8]

[8] Tanner Goods Memori Mechanico Pen [$70]

[9] Klipsch McLaren T5 II True Wireless Sport Earbuds [$249]

[10] Filson Dryden Ballistic Nylon Backpack [$225]

BLACKENED™ American Whiskey by METALLICA

BLACKENED American Whiskey

Blackened American Whiskey

BLACKENED™ American Whiskey is a really cool whiskey release I think a lot of you are going to love. This is a collaboration between iconic metal band METALLICA and some of the finest master distillers and whiskey blenders around, Dave Pickerell and Rob Dietrich. The name ‘BLACKENED’ pays tribute to every aspect of this release from METALLICA’s rock and roll to the charred barrels and black brandy casks AND their BLACK NOISE technology which is a proprietary sonic-enhancement process.

This release is a blend of bourbon and rye with an average age of 8+ years. The BLACK NOISE technology is probably the most unique element of this release. They’ve created a one-of-a-kind subwoofer to blast METALLICA’s music (low hertz sound waves) at the whiskey inside of the barrel which might sound odd but in practice, it causes increased interaction with the wood barrel itself and this brings out more wood-flavor characteristics in the whiskey than ever before. It has spice from the rye and notes of dark fruit. You can purchase a bottle of this for $49 on Drizly buy following that ‘shop now’ button below!


Essentials For Mixing It Up

best everyday carry items for men

Next, we check out the world-class Klipsch McLaren T5 II True Wireless Sport Earbuds. Meant to closely mimic the shape of the ear for maximum comfort, the Klipsch McLaren T5 II True Wireless Sport Earbuds are manufactured about 25 percent smaller than other options, meaning they won’t fall out or have sound interrupted when you’re in motion. And with a new signal boost antenna — delivering a high-quality, seamless Bluetooth® wireless connection — you’ll have maximum sound quality. The first 500 orders will receive a 30% off coupon code from the McLaren Gear Store, with codes being emailed once the product ships, so make sure to order yours now.

[1] Lum-Tec Combat B45 Watch [$495]

[2] Astorflex Evoflex Chukka [$165]

[3] Forty Five Slub Pocket Tee [$32]

[4] Flint and Tinder Stretch Defender Denim Jeans [$128]

[5] Klipsch McLaren T5 II True Wireless Sport Earbuds [$249]

[6] Deejo Knives Pocket Knife w/ Custom Blade Tattoo [$70]

[7] Stanley Classic Trigger Action Travel Mug (16oz) [$23]

[8] Topo Designs Mountain Pack [$84]

[9] Meater+ Wireless Meat Thermometer [$99]

[10] ‘The All-Stars’ from Red Clay [$27]

Tempo ‘Hungover AF’ Natural Hangover Remedy

tempo hungover af review


Here we have one of the most exciting products to hit the market this Summer, something I’m extremely blown away by. The Tempo ‘Hungover AF’ Natural Hangover Remedy is the #1 hangover cure product available, hands down.

You just pop three capsules before bed and the Tempo ‘Hungover AF’ Natural Hangover Remedy goes to work with a blend of herbs, vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals to have you feeling like new when you wake up. If you’ve suffered any extreme hangovers at any point in your life then this one’s for you. Trust it!


Living Your Best Life

everyday carry essentials living best life

First up here is the all-new BrüMate Nos’r Unbreakable Double-Wall Whiskey Glass, my new favorite glass for tasting whiskey. This the world’s first and only insulated ‘nosing’ whiskey glass. What that means is you can drop an ice ball in there if you want and it stays ice cold like one of your YETI tumblers. I’ve been sipping out of this glass nearly every night for a week and I really think this is a must-have for any whiskey lover on the planet, it’s also super affordable at just $24 on their website or on Amazon.

[1] BrüMate Nos’r Unbreakable Double-Wall Whiskey Glass [Buy on Amazon]

[2] Good Cigar Co. 2 Pack of Cigars [$30]

[3] Raen Optics Hirsch Sunglasses [$170]

[4] Deejo Knives Pocket Knife w/ Custom Blade Tattoo [$70]

[5] Titanium Wallet + Cash Plate [$105]

[6] Meater+ Wireless Meat Thermometer [$99]

[7] Tropical Bros Sailfish Hawaiian Shirt (Sale) [$42]

[8] Rhythm Linen Jam Shorts [$56]

[9] G-Shock GM5600-1 Watch [$180]

[10] Havaianas Brazil Logo Sandals [$26]

Crux Kitchen Air Fryer

CRUX Kitchen Air Fryer

CRUX Kitchen

Listen, we’re all cooking at home more than we ever have and it’s common to go through cooking ruts, periods where we cook the same dishes in rotation and eventually grow tired of them all. That’s why we’re about to take things to the next level with the Crux Kitchen Air Fryer and start eating some damn good food.

The question isn’t ‘what should you cook in the air fryer?‘ The real question is ‘what can’t you cook in an air fryer?‘ You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that doesn’t taste better when cooked in an air fryer and for that reason you need to hook yourself up with the Crux Kitchen Air Fryer. At the very least, you should buy it for someone in your life so you can see them go nuts for this device before purchasing another one for yourself.


Everglades Fishing Co. Apparel

Everglades Fishing Co. Fishing Apparel

Everglades Fishing Co.

Everglades Fishing Co. is based out of Everglades City which sits at the barrier between modern civilization and unbridled wilderness. Fishing in the Florida Everglades is like stepping back in time to an era and land that’s been untouched by humankind. You can target pretty much every fish species under the sun and spend the entire day reeling in fish.

Capt. Jimmy is the owner of Everglades Fishing Co. and I’ve been out fishing with him a few times. I mean this when I say you won’t find a better guide to spend the day with. He also has some of the best fishing apparel in the game right now so I wanted to put together some of my favorites here. You can also click here to check out the charter fishing trip rates.

[1] EFC Grey and Black Snap Back [$25]

[2] EFC OG Snap Back [$25]

[3] Hooded Long Sleeve Performance Shirt [$42]

[4] Grey EFC Long Sleeve [$35]

[5] EFC Black Performance Shirt [$30]

[6] EFC Deck Boots- Digi Camo [$119]

Ten Thousand Shorts – Developed And Tested By Core Athletes

Ten Thousand Shorts

Ten Thousand

I was recently turned onto Ten Thousand shorts. For a while now, I’ve worked out in Bird Dogs but it’s not even the slightest bit of an exaggeration to say these Ten Thousand shorts are exponentially better than what I’ve been wearing and I’m now 100% on board with these going forward. They have a supportive but comfortable fit with the liner and a silky smooth body feel on the skin.

Currently, they have three main styles for you to choose from: Interval, Session, and Foundation. These are all shorts that were developed and tested by core athletes to meet their specific needs. The Interval Short is ideal for HIIT, AMRAPS, and Metcons. The Session Short is perfect for Running and Conditioning. And the Foundation Short is built for gym sessions, outdoor adventures, and EMOMS.

Ten Thousand Shorts

Ten Thousand

Ten Thousand Shorts

Ten Thousand

I’ve been partial to the Session Short for running and Interval Short for Cycling + HIIT exercise. Both of the shorts have an internal liner that keeps everything in place but you can order them without the liner if you’d prefer. The Session Short comes in a 5 or 7-inch inseam option and the Interval Short comes in 5, 7, and 9-inch inseams as well as a liner or no liner option. They also sell premium shirts, tanks, pants, and socks for you to check out.


Ultra-Portable Personal Air Cooler

Ultra Portable Evapolar EvaCHILL AC


If you’re reading this right now it’s hot AF outside. I know this because it’s insufferably hot pretty much everywhere right now. But being miserable in the heat is a choice and that you can avoid with this ultra-portable gadget I’m pretty angry I only just learned about because I could’ve used the Evapolar EvaCHILL and/or the Evapolar EvaLIGHT Plus A LOT throughout the years, especially at my 2nd apartment in NYC where my room didn’t even have an A/C unit.

The Evapolar EvaCHILL is affordable at only $99, just a fraction of what you might pay for some portable A/C units at the store. It sits on your bedside table, desktop, or inside of your tent and works by chilling, purifying, and humidifying all at the same time.


Complete Fly Fishing Fly Tying Kits

Fly Tying Kit Fly Fishing


Once you get bitten by ‘the fishing bug’ all you think about is the next fish and that next fishing trip. Sometimes the wait is only a few hours, sometimes it’s months. But fly fishermen know the best way to pass the time between fishing trips is by tying fly fishing flies at home because few things in life are more satisfying than catching a trophy fish using a fly you tied yourself.

Postfly has a few comprehensive fly tying kits that I wanted to put on your radar. They have one specifically for Trout Flies, one for Saltwater Fly Fishing, and another for Warm Water. Each kit comes with patterns tailored specifically to the target species, Trout materials for Trout Flies and Saltwater materials for Saltwater Flies.


  • A fully equipped starter kit that includes the materials and tools for tying your own flies
  • Fly pattern tailored to trout/saltwater/warm water fishing
  • Opens up a world of options for discovering effective flies—from patterns, or your own imagination
  • Includes access to a professional video tutorial by world-renowned fly tyer and instructor Tim Flagler, available via YouTube



4 CBD Products To Treat Common Problems: Hangovers, Recovery, Sleep, Energy

best CBD products hangovers recovery sleep and energy

I wanted to throw some of the Best CBD products available on your radar today so I figured I’d include four of them and each with a different focus. First up is the Sunday Scaries Dynamic Duo which includes one bottle of gummies and one bottle of their Vegan AF formula and this is one of the best CBD treatments for hangovers out there today. Second, we see the Nanocraft CBD CBD Pain Salve Stick which is one of the top CBD products for recovery. In this instance, that’s referring to pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and appetite-regulating properties. Check it out!

On the bottom row, we’ve got the Honey Oil CBD Capsules 25mg 10 Pack which are one of the best CBD Sleep treatments you can find anywhere and they’re absolutely delicious. Check these out and thank me later. Lastly, we see the Rebel Morning Boost Formula (1000mg) which are a CBD treatment for boosting energy throughout the day by strengthening the parts of your body (cells) that are dragging you down. Give it a look!

[1] Sunday Scaries Dynamic Duo (2 Bottle Combo) [$71]

[2] Nanocraft CBD CBD Pain Salve Stick (500mg) [$64]

[3] Honey Oil CBD Capsules 25mg 10 Pack [$19]

[4] Rebel Morning Boost Formula (1000mg) [$95]

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